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Although social media algorithms that curate content are an incredibly intelligent way of delivering ads and determining what users might like to see; we believe that no one is better qualified to determine whose updates our customers want to see more than they are. 

That's why we put people, instead of algorithms, in control.

We'll deliver every single one of your messages to every single one of your connections every single time and ensure that the only messages you'll ever get are the ones sent from the connections you choose.

By allowing each account holder to decide whose updates they'll see, we're able to level the media playing field so that the smallest local charity is on equal footing with the biggest international brand.

Excerpted from "Building The Hawser Difference" an ICON event on June 9th, 2016:

"I don’t celebrate milestones on Facebook...The number of Followers doesn’t matter. The quality of the Follow is what matters."

Gary Vaynerchuck

Our Mission

We're leveling the media playing field in order to weave social good into people's daily lives.

That's why every individual and organization is on equal footing on Hawser. No posts, updates or messages get pushed aside by customers who are willing to pay more in order to obtain greater visibility or a louder voice.

While we do offer some additional functionality to our Certified Nonprofit* customers; people, instead of profits, dictate whose messages get through on Hawser.


Now, supporters can give to (or volunteer for) charitable organizations at the push of a button.  

Our new "Express Give" feature lets anyone, anywhere (whether they have a Hawser account or not) make an instant donation to any one of our Hawser Certified* Nonprofits in less than thirty seconds.

We don't take a cut of donations and the service is free.

Charity isn't just about raising money. It's about integrating more awareness and creating more active relationships so... when you make a donation to (or volunteer for) a Hawser Certified Nonprofit, that charity's profile picture and link appears on your profile.

This not only allows you to showcase the causes that matter most to you or your makes it easier than ever to leverage your social influence for good.

*All Transactions are secured by Braintree: A PayPal company